School Regulations

Students and teachers are in the school for one basic purpose: To promote the Islamic and educational development of students. To accomplish this goal, each student is expected to meet the following objectives:

  • Come to the class prepared each week with school supplies, (pencils, pens, and notebook) books, and completed homework assignments.
  • No disruptive noise, gestures, or behavior. 
  • Use of appropriate language at all times. 
  • Must not leave class without permission. 
  • Treat others and the property of others with respect. 
  • No bullying or teasing of other children.
  • Raise hand and wait for permission before speaking. 
  • Students are expected to come to class on time. In case of absence, the student is expected to contact the teacher or another student to find out all the missed assignments.
  • No running, shouting, or screaming will be allowed in the prayer areas. 
  • No children are allowed outside the Masjid without the supervision of their teachers.
Dress Code:

All students who attend the Islamic School of Tacoma should follow the Islamic dress code. This includes but is not limited to:

For Girls:

  • Hijab – the hijab should at least cover your daughter’s hair, ears, and neck. The hijab should be of the type that remains in place.
  • Dresses, abbaiyas, or skirts should be ankle length unless they are worn over loose fitting pants.
  • Pants must be full length and loose fitting. 
  • Shirts must be long sleeve and must at least fall well below the hips or ideally to the knees. Under no circumstances should the belly, waist, or back be exposed.
  • Shirts should not be form-fitting. 
  • Shirts and/or pants should not have images or characters displayed on them.

For Boys:

  • No shorts or cut-offs 
  • Pants must be full length, relatively loose fitting, and must completely cover the underwear. Pants should not drag on the floor. 
  • Shirts and/or pants should not have images or characters displayed on them. 
  • No clothing with offensive or inappropriate words, messages, or pictures allowed.
Cell phones, video games, and toys:
  • Cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, etc. cannot be used during school hours, except when teacher assigns for use in Quran recitation. If an emergency call needs to be made, students must seek permission of his/her teacher. Cell phones or other unauthorized electronics used during class time will be taken away until after school.
  • All video games and toys should not be brought to school at all. Games and toys will be taken away from students and returned to parents at the end of the school day.
  • If the student brings any electronic devices, cell phones, and/or toys to school, they do so at their own risk. The school is not responsible for broken, lost or stolen items.
Disciplinary Actions:
  • Students who have not completed their homework assignments will be expected to do so during their break-time. Students who consistently come to school without their homework assignments will have to have their parents come to school for a conference on this issue.
  • Students misbehaving or acting in a disrespectful manner: 1st warning: will be given a time-out and/or will not be given their break-time. 2th warning: will have parents come to school for conference on this issue and the student will be placed on disciplinary probation (meaning the last warning before suspension). 3th warning: will be suspended.*
  • Hitting and/or fighting will not be tolerated at all. 1st warning: parents will have to come to school for a conference on this issue and the student will be placed on disciplinary probation (meaning the last warning before suspension). 2nd warning: student will be suspended.*

* Suspension

The school board together with the teacher will make the decision on the duration of the suspension. For the duration of the suspension, the student will not be allowed to attend classes or be in the Masjid at the time of classes. After the second suspension, the student will be placed on a final probation. Any violation made after that may result in expulsion from the school or suspension until the end of the school year. A student who is expelled from the school may not be admitted to the school the next year. If a student is suspended until the end of the year, the school board will makes the final decision to readmit the student or not for the following school year.

The Islamic School of Tacoma is committed to providing a safe and orderly Islamic environment for all students. We also believe that it is our responsibility together with the parents to help all students learn proper Islamic behavior.